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Professional Sales & Project




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We're independent sales representatives for quality manufacturers in the construction industry. We specialize in the fenestration industry. We know windows so well, some would say we're window geeks.

We offer complete takeoff services for the products we represent. We use Planswift the #1 takeoff software in the industry and we'll provide a complete package that details our work. 

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We don't stop at just helping with a proposal, for those customers that want more we offer optional project management. We'll work with your customer on commercial projects from start to finish, handling all logistics and taking the burden of project management off your shoulders. No independent rep group provides the menu of services we offer. If you want true total account management, contact our team today. 

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Since 2009 Flyover Premier Sales has been a leading provider of sales and sales management to customers in the construction industry. Our primary market area is often referred to as Flyover country.  We believe the Midwest is the heartland of America and we're honored to call it home.  From A to Z,  We provide total account management for those customers who sell our products.  


Our primary products are windows and guard rails and we're experts at both. We have extensive relationships with large commercial developers and contractors, along with production and custom builders in the single family market space.


If you want a professional sales team to help you grow your sales then contact us today and see what our total solution programs can do for you. 

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